Multiplayer Parties (racing & shooting games)

Multiplayer parties are the most flexible option as all games can be tailored to last as little as 5 minutes. The iBox has 9 seats and screens, which means we can accommodate numbers up to 12 inside. 9 is the perfect number as everybody can play games throughout the duration of the party but if the Birthday Boy or Girl cannot miss someone out, we can then rotate everybody through the different seats so everybody misses a turn equally.

We have a wide selection of games to choose from, each have different age ratings. Please see our games page for more details. Blur is our most enjoyed game, it’s game play is most similar to Mario kart but with more realistic ‘street car’ graphics, there’s also a fun battle mode. We also have a selection of other racing games (Grid & F1) that focus more on driving skill and certainly require the use of brakes (7 year old’s are best avoiding these).

Shooting games are also very popular with children aspiring to be teenagers well before their time. We do have a 12 year rated shooter ‘Quantum of Solace 007‘ that doesn’t offend parents as there is no gore, it is rated a 12 due to some language that is found in the single player mode, we only access the multiplayer mode of the game. Our party invitations include age range check boxes that will inform other parents of the ages of games you intend to have at your party, playing ‘age sensitive’ games is always a parental choice. Halo is another popular shooting game, our version is a 15 year rated game. Call of Duty is a 16 year rated game and Black Ops is an 18 year rated game.

We also have some other different games such as snowboarding, flying combat, motorbike and quad bikes. Have a look at our games page for more information…

Blur – Multiplayer racing action

racing game party

Halo – Team games for 3 teams of 3

halo multiplayer party
call of duty party

The iBox was specifically designed (IP protected) with Multiplayer entertainment in mind in 2011. It was the first mobile video game business to introduce individual HD screens per player (a much better alternative to the larger lo-res split screen lounge style offerings which are more commonplace having derived from the US). The iBox focuses on structured group play and competitions, we want the group to have fun together, not just leave them to get on with playing different games or split screen games on one TV screen, that isn’t unique and they can do that in your home anytime.

the-ibox-video-game-party copyright 2011