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With over 10 years experience in delivering Gaming events and parties. The iBox is now launching an exciting new education service to help its students learn all aspects of gaming. Our Video Game Tutors will be on hand to deliver a fun and engaging experience on whichever course is chosen.

Please see our Statement of Curriculum Support, the iBox support the delivery of KS1-4 computer science. The iBox is designed to complement and support classroom delivery by providing contextual applications of both coding, design and application as detailed in the programme of study.

This service is self contained in our mobile vehicles and can be brought to your location. Numbers of participants for our courses will vary from 9 to 11 per vehicle depending on which course is selected. This service is perfect for schools, those home schooling or simply parents wanting their children to further their gaming skills within their school bubble.

What are the courses on offer?

Level 1 Courses

For the younger student this course is perfect for children aged 6 years and upwards. This is very much an introduction to gaming, so training on the console controller and navigating these controls in games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Star Wars Lego, Joy Ride and a selection of other younger based games would be focused on. Once basic controls have been learnt, students will then be encouraged to venture into games to put their new skills into action. All students will receive and attain a Level 1 Gaming Certificate. We recommend courses at this stage last between 60 – 90 minutes.

Level 2 Courses

Our Level 2 Courses consist of a variety of choices. Students should have already gained familiarity with gaming for at least a year at this point and already attained a good understanding of what the controls are and how to use them. We have a Minecraft Workshop, where we will encourage students to show off their creative flair. Students can also opt for our Fifa League Course, this course helps students understand the workings of a league, the scorings and mathematical mechanics will be taught during the course. We will also ask willing participants to do a running commentary ‘John Motson’ style in one of their games. Our most popular course to date is our Fortnite Course, here we encourage free play. We can set up large creative battles, with all students in the same setting, they can quickly gain experience and knowledge of the game, its weapons and controls. The iBox Gaming Tuition courses do want their students to focus on their chosen course at the outset. Once skills, techniques and experience is gained we encourage our students to free play for any time left over on their course. Students will attain a Level 2 Gaming Certificate upon completion of this course. We recommend a course length of 90 mins plus.

Level 3 Courses

For accomplished Gamers, our Level 3 course will be aimed at Teenagers. No doubt these Students will already say they know it all. This course will focus on Multiplayer gaming. They will all learn how to set up a multiplayer battle or race, set the game mode, choose the map, duration of the game. Ensure the game is a private match between only the Students by inviting their profile to the session. Games that suit this level of course are Call of Duty, Black Ops, Halo and Forza Motorsport. Course will last a minimum of 90 mins but to gain the best experience and fun on this course 2 hrs is best. Level 3 Students will all get their Certificates at the end of the course.