Kids Party Food & Family Venues

If you would like to organise your party food away from your home, you are welcome to get in touch with the family venues below to book that in, you could also organise it somewhere else that you are already familiar with. Since 2011 we have been to all these venues, Managers and Landlords can change hands quite frequently so they may need to know all we need is access to one power socket (we bring walkover protection) and look to minimise trip hazards as much as possible. Public liability and PAT tests documents can be required if needed.

Broadband isn’t usually available at the venues, we would then need to use our mobile 4G router to gain access to online games. It’s best to check on your phone whether the location you want has a good 4G signal, if it doesn’t then the selection of available games is reduced.

Each venue offers a choice of hot kids meals, drinks and desserts. The venues have been selected as family friendly and would of course welcome parents to stay for the duration of the party. Each venue offers easy and ample parking.

If a local venue isn’t available to you and you’d rather keep the children out of your home, you could feed the children in the iBox. This works well with a 2 hr booking where you bring food onboard (pizza on paper plates, Happy Meals etc). That way from drop off to pick up, your home need not experience any disruption, aside maybe 1 or 2 toilet breaks.

If you run a Venue suitable for families and would like to offer your services to our customers, we would be happy to include you here on this page. If you offer kids meals, have ample parking for our Gaming Van (7m long) and for parents to drop off their children or to book a meal whilst waiting. We only need access to one power socket and we bring walkover protection to minimise trip hazards. Plugging a network cable to your broadband would get you featured at the top of our list. Having a good 4G mobile signal outside is a must.