Minecraft Party

The iBox has devised a completely unique and original Minecraft world for children to pit their skills against their friends. There are a series of challenges to compete in, they start off with a bow and arrow challenge that will test their accuracy. Our second challenge is a massive maze that leads to a secret location, following the clues will lead you there first. Next up is a build battle, where we ask the children to build a challenging object, parents then act as impartial judges and award points out of ten for their efforts. Next up is another creative challenge, all our budding Minecraft builders set about building random ‘everyday’ objects. Our impartial judges are required again to try and guess what these objects are, some say it’s a bit like Catch Phrase. To finish we have a Diamond Treasure trail, 5 diamonds are hidden in the world, follow the signs that lead you around our world.

Minecraft is really popular with both boys and girls of all ages. We do recommend a degree of experience of playing this, we do offer help and assistance with the controls as some children may be used to playing on an iPad or a PC but if children have no experience whatsoever they may get frustrated as they get left behind. Our Minecraft themed world contains lots of rounds, it is important for all children to be present for the start of your party (one or two parents can often be 10 mins late dropping their children off). Our recommended maximum number for this party theme is 9. We try not to rotate larger numbers through the 9 seats and screens as some of the rounds can last 10-15 minutes which is a long time to go without playing, however we do have a 10th seat if anyone with less confidence wants to pair up as a team.

Minecraft Birthday Party ideas

All our parties are run as competitions and we offer a choice of prize for the winner, if the Birthday Boy or Girl doesn’t win a prize we have a shop where you can tailor your party to meet their needs, or you can always make everyone happy with our special bundle packages, please see our shop for all options.

Minecraft parties brought to your home or at one of our family friendly party venues.