Terms & Conditions:


All domestic bookings require a deposit before we can send you confirmation. The remaining balance must be paid either prior to the party or on the day of the party itself. Commercial bookings will be invoiced prior to the event and payment made within 30 days of the invoice or before the event, whichever comes first. Any unforseen travel charges such as Clean Air Zones, Toll Roads/Bridges/Tunnels that have not been included in your original quote will need to be paid on arrival.

Cancellation & Refunds

If you need to cancel your booking, all cancellations must be submitted to us in writing. This can be via mobile text message, email or a letter in the post.

If you cancel your booking no less than 4 weeks before the date of the event, you can be refunded 100% of the deposit.

If you cancel your booking no less than 2 weeks before the date of the event, you can be refunded 50% of the deposit.

If you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks before the date of the event, you will not be entitled to a refund, but we will give you a credit note. This will enable you to re-book your event within the next 12 months.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The iBox reserves the right to cancel, alter, or delay any booking where forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control. These include serious illness, severe weather or any other circumstances that would subject the iBox and its employees or any of its participants to danger. A full refund will be offered or an alternative date can be arranged. The iBox operates several vehicles, one of which is reserved for standby purposes, such as mechanical failure. We will endeavour to get to your event and fulfil our commitments to you. Should a console or monitor fail during the booking, we will be able to complete your booking by adopting a rotation system.

Media Rights

During the event we may take photographs and videos. All photographs, videos, or other recorded media may be used by the iBox for the purposes of marketing or advertising without any request being made to the featured parties and without any payment or compensation being offered. If this is not acceptable please notify us by phone or e-mail prior to the booking.


Although we will endeavour to arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the time booked we cannot be held responsible for events that are out of our control such as traffic or other circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our obligations. In the event of late arrival we will continue the session until the correct amount of time has been reached.

In the unlikely event of a major technical failure on board, a full refund will be offered or an alternative date arranged.

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage to driveway or ground’s property that’s considered to be caused by our vehicles, staff or party guests. It is the party organiser’s responsibility to take advice from a qualified person, whether the grounds are suitable to support our vehicles.

The iBox holds full UK public liability insurance.


In the event of damage to our equipment (such us Monitors, Seats or Controllers) or vehicle that is caused by excessively harsh treatment or vandalism we reserve the right to charge to the originally contracted person the full amount to repair or replace the equipment. Any damages must be reported to a member of staff immediately.

Food & Drinks

We do allow food and soft drink to be consumed on our vehicles, this however must not occur whilst games are being played and it is the responsibility of the organiser to clear any rubbish away returning the vehicle to its original state before returning to gameplay. Some dry snacks and lidded drinks are allowed to be consumed during gameplay, this will be at the discretion of our staff. We do not allow sweets on our vehicles, as they cause a sticky mess (unfortunately the children are not so skillful at keeping these in their mouths). If these terms are ignored, we may have to issue a cleaning bill which could range from £10 – £25 depending on the severity.

Internet and Game Selection

Some games rely on the Internet to play/function properly. The iBox cannot be held responsible for the speed of the Internet available, or for any unforeseen updates that maybe required in order to load the game. We will have offline game options available in the event of slow Internet or a choice of other games that can be played. If a particular game is wanted at your party, please ensure we receive prior written notification of this at least 7 days before your booking. The iBox operates several vehicles, each vehicle may have a slightly different game selection available. If  your router has firewall protection, we recommend checking prior to your event. They can limit or restrict access to gaming servers. In the event of any restrictions we are able to use a mobile router that will function in most UK locations. 4g coverage can be checked via providers for any UK postcode.

Merchandise and Prizes

The iBox offers a choice of Prizes, we endeavour to make as much available at every booking. If you require a specific item at your booking, please request it in writing at least 7 days before your booking.

Personal items

It is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that nothing is left in our gaming vehicles before we set off. Our staff will make a check when packing away, as all seating around the vehicle has to be secured before departing. If any items are left in the vehicle, it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange payment for the item to be returned; if not, then the item will be disposed of.

The iBox accepts no liability for any items left in the vehicle after the event.

The iBox accepts no liability for any personal items that are damaged during an event.

Age Rated Games

The iBox does not police the age ratings of games played. We will provide the organiser with as much information as possible with regard to the age ratings; we also have unique party invitations that include age range checkboxes. It is the responsibility of the event organiser and the parents to ensure they make the appropriate decision for their children.


We will not tolerate swearing, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards our staff or other party guests. We reserve the right to send away any person who is found to be unmanageable or a danger to the safety or enjoyment of others. We reserve the right to end the event immediately and report the incident to the police. In this circumstance a refund will not be given. Any additional costs involved in removing the participant will be borne by the client.

For the comfort, health and safety of all participants, the iBox operates a strict No Smoking policy.


Please be aware that the responsibility of arranging a suitable parking space falls with the person or persons that have booked and paid for the hire of the iBox. The iBox is 20’ (6m) in length, 10’ (3m) in height and 7’ (2.1m) width.


  • Either a suitable parking bay that has no restrictions or
  • Parking space of approximately 2 car spaces in length
  • A suitable driveway which can accommodate the vehicle and free of overhanging trees or wires
  • A clearing on the left-hand side of the bus for passengers to board safely
  • Access to a standard plug socket no further than 30m from the allocated parking space


  • The iBox not be parked on a single or double yellow line
  • The iBox cannot be blocking any footpaths
  • The iBox cannot be parked anywhere where it is at risk of being issued a penalty
  • The iBox cannot be parked on a busy main road where it or the passengers could be at risk.
  • The iBox cannot be parked on a main junction or anywhere where it may be obstructing traffic.
  • If any fees are to be paid for parking this must be covered by the party booking the bus for hire.
  • Any extension leads used must not be crossing any roads which could result in a hazard for cars or people using the vehicle
  • Any extension leads cannot be blocking any busy footpaths where they may cause a hazard to members of the public.

If on arrival the parking space is insufficient, or we cannot park for any other reason, we will be happy to try one more nearby alternative location, so please make sure you have a back-up plan. However, we do reserve the right to leave if the above requirements are not met. No compensation will be given.


The iBox has introduced many measures to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 during this current Global Pandemic. The iBox cannot be held responsible for the spread of Covid-19 and all parents allowing their children to participate in gaming inside the iBox must take the time to access information published online regarding the rules and safeguards. In doing so, they will accept that the iBox has made every possible step to reduce the chances of catching Covid-19 but can not rule out that there may still be a low risk when at times being within 2m distance to one another.

The Government could at any point introduce new restrictions which may affect the timing of your pre-booked party. In these circumstances we will endeavour to reschedule your booking when these restrictions have lifted. The iBox cannot be held responsible for any other bookings or arrangements made to coincide with your party. It is the responsibility of the booker to accept and understand that during a pandemic, bookings could be affected which are out of our control.