Covid-19 Safeguard Measures

We are now back open for business and have developed a wide range of safeguard measures to assure parents of a ‘new normal’ as we have come out of this global pandemic. Please see our extensive guide of how best to host a children’s party during these times, we believe we have the safest childrens’ entertainment this side of lockdown!

fortnite xbox parties We now offer Fortnite parties from our FY3 & WF6 locations (right across the North of England). Each of our vehicles have 9 consoles and 9 HD screens, we do recommend a maximum number of 9 because Fortnite battles can last about 25 mins each. There is of course nothing to stop you rotating groups of 9 at a time. Fortnite requires the internet to play, if your internet is not quick enough or your router is not within 30m of where we can park, we do have a 4G option which is capable of running Fortnite parties. We can either organise a creative battle for all 9 players or they can choose to pick smaller squads (2-4 players). Use our contact form to book now.

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How many Children can you Entertain?

This depends on the game type you choose. Our Fortnite or Minecraft party has a recommended maximum of 9 players. It is possible to invite 1 or 2 more but as some of the rounds can last 15-25 mins, that is quite a long time for a child to wait for their go, you can allow somebody to team up with another if they are not so confident with the controls.

Our Fifa League can entertain 8, 9, 10 or 11 players, A 9 player league can be completed in 60 mins, 11 player league will take 90 mins. We have also have a 16 player cup fixture that includes group stages, and finals etc. This format would require 8 players to be in the iBox and 8 outside the iBox.

Multiplayer Games are the most flexible. Multiplayer games mean that all the consoles & screens are linked together so that each player can race and battle against each other. If you want to contain all the children inside the iBox then the max number is 12 rotating through the 9 seats/screens. 9 is ideal as everybody gets to play all the time. If budget isn’t an issue, you can book 2 or 3 iBox vehicles (NW only), this allows 18 or 27 players to race or battle against each other at the same time!!

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Will you turn up if we book you?

Yes we have a 100% record. It is true that you get what you pay for. Our business originated from an original & unique concept and love for playing video games, not because we want to make a fast buck. We have been successfully providing parties since 2011. In those years we have seen rogue operators come and go. So far we have had to take legal action against 2 individuals that unlawfully copied our unique design (they say imitation is the best form of flattery). One of which dragged out legal proceedings for 18 months before a court injunction prevented him from operating with our intellectual property. He subsequently disappointed lots of children and frustrated parents as they couldn’t be compensated because he didn’t take booking deposits, there was no liability/responsibility for him to turn up.

Benefits of booking with the iBox
• Mechanical faults can crop up at the most inconvenient times.
For peace of mind, we operate multiple Party Buses and keep one on standby,
this has enabled us to get to booked parties when faced with a brake fluid leak and a broken alternator recently.
• We take deposits for your booking
• We will not let you or more importantly your child down
• Unique & Original design
• View each HD screen from a comfortable close position
(not an uncomfortable angle/distance)
• Our staff can quickly and easily access all children and screens
(inexperienced or younger children need our assistance)
• We co-ordinate & host parties as social group competitions
(we don’t just let them play different games from each other)
• Our staff are knowledgeable of the games and their age ratings
• Our party invitations inform parents about age ratings at your party
• Professionally designed Merchandise to enhance your party

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How big is the iBox Gaming Bus?

The iBox is 20′ (6m) long, at 7′ (2.1m) wide should fit between your gate posts and just under 10′ (3m) high, so may not fit under any low branches. Something to bear in mind if hosting at a community centre (you may need the keys to the upper metal gate posts). Off road parking is not an issue, we do need to be parked directly outside your home as we need to run an extension lead from the iBox to one domestic power socket. Reserving a space with your car and/or a neighbours car is a good way to ensure we can park outside.

It is always best to park the iBox on flat ground, the children would struggle to stay on their bar stools if there is a steep slope. We do carry leveling ramps in all vehicles if the ground is particularly uneven.

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Where are the family venues you have?

Organising and hosting parties from your home doesn’t suit everyone. With this in mind, the iBox offers alternative venues to help make the whole experience as convenient and stress free as possible. We are increasing the list of venues all the time, so please contact us if there is not one located conveniently to you, we are also happy to work with one that you have organised. Click here to see all our venues.

How do we combine party food with the iBox?

Option A: We have already teamed up with many family venues which offer ample parking for parents dropping off their children. This option is completely fuss free as you simply turn up without having to worry about buying or preparing any food, we can find out which meal they want, then entertain them in the iBox. Kids meals cost between £4 and £6 per head. After finishing their allotted game time, we can escort them to their table, where their chosen meals will be ready and waiting for them. You then simply pay the venue directly for the kids meals, once finished you are free to go without worrying about cleaning up the mess, let’s hope there wont be too much, as the children will be under your supervision whilst in the venue.

Option B: Most people choose this option, if you are happy to cater for a kids party in your home, then this is the most cost effective way to combine food with our iBox entertainment. You purchase the amount of uninterrupted game time you want for your party, then you can add around 30 mins to feed the children either indoors or in your garden (weather permitting) before or after we’ve entertained the children.

Option C: Another new option is we park up outside your home, set up ready for the party, when the kids are dropped off, they go straight into the iBox, we will have practice rounds whilst waiting for all the children to arrive. Once they have all arrived we will get the competition under way. During the game time you have selected, we will break for 10-15 mins, to allow the kids to eat food you supply, we can time it with you so that once a game round has completed we pause the competition. It could be anything like Pizza or a Big Mac meal, we do insist that drinks are kept closed with either a lid or a sports cap. We would appreciate assistance with clearing up, as I’m sure you will understand the kids wont want to spend too long between games!! At the end of the party, the parents will collect their children from the iBox, then you can go back to your home having sustained no disruption whatsoever!!

The iBox is ideal for:
Wedding EntertainmentBar mitzvahEid Celebration

Are children allowed to play older rated games?

We do not make that decision as it is up to the parent who books the party to select which games they want to be played. Our party invitations include check boxes for different age ratings, simply tick the age range of the games you intend to play at your party, this then informs all parents. We provide as much information as possible, please read our brief reviews of the games on our games page, and note the age range symbols.

Do you plug into our internet?

Some games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Roblox etc do require access to the internet. We do look to plug into a broadband router with a 30m cable. This is better than connecting to WiFi as the signal gets weaker the further you move away from the router, we would also then need to know your password. If broadband internet is not available at your home or from a venue hosting your party, we do have a Plan B option. We can use a 4G router which is quick enough, this will depend on the 4G signal at that location. To avoid disappointment as certain games do require internet connection, please visit this 4G location checker. If broadband is not available and there is no 4G signal, we can still operate ‘offline’ parties at your location. The game selection is more limited but we could certainly happily entertain the children. We could host a Fifa League (3yrs), or other Multiplayer shooting games such as Halo (15 yrs), Call of Duty (16yrs) or Black Ops (18yrs). Parents would need to be aware of these age ratings prior to playing these games.

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How long do you recommend we book for?

We provide different length parties to appeal to different budgets, however younger children in the 6-8 yr bracket are probably best suited for the 60 to 90 min party. At this age some children have little experience with games consoles, we do provide assistance and will always help those that struggle with the controls.

If you are struggling to decide between 60 mins entertainment and 90 mins, turn your question on it’s head…. Most parties are a minimum of 2hrs from drop-off to pick-up, just ask yourself whether you want the children in your home for 30 mins or 60 mins? We think you’ve made your mind up now 🙂

Older children will happily play all day if allowed, we have to peel them off the seats at the end of the party!! To see the different lengths of party we offfer, see our rates page.

Can they play more than one Game?

Yes. If time allows we recommend one game every 30 mins or so. Fifa is the only exception as our League format runs between 60 mins (9 players) – 90 mins (11 players). But if you book extra time, the children could play other games after their Fifa League. We also try and encourage the children to play the same game and against each other, this is a more fun and more unique. Sometimes this will work out well, if of course some children decide they want to play different games from each other, then this is also possible.

Xbox or Playstation

What consoles do you use?

Our vehicles are kitted out with Xbox Consoles. This isn’t because we favour or think they are better than Playstation, we originally opted for Xbox in 2011 because this console was the only one to offer ‘offline’ link up play. If your child is used to a Playstation controller, we find this does not pose a problem at all as the layout of the buttons is almost identical with only the left thumbstick and the cursor controls being in reverse position. The coloured buttons and triggers are all in the same position. Some games also allow you to customise those controls to suit. If your child is used to playing on a Nintendo or iPad for example, our party hosts are there to offer help and support with controls.