Yes it’s now available from both our FY3 & WF6 locations.

Fortnite (Fortnight) Battle Royale is the most popular game at the moment and our party bus entertains 9 children on 9 consoles, each child has their own HD screen. The iBox has been entertaining thousands of children since 2011, we have always co-ordinated our parties as competitions, with many rounds of battles, races. These could be set to last for 5-10 mins and we could entertain up to 12 in each vehicle. The person with the highest points gets to choose a prize. Fortnite battles can last 25 mins, so we do recommend a maximum of 9 children, you are welcome to invite more children but it is a long time to wait a turn and due to the length of battles we can’t guarantee everybody getting a fair go like we could when we could limit battles to just 5 mins.

Fortnite continually updates itself, once to twice a week, so there are always new features, settings and gameplay. Initially children could only play in squads of up to 4, but now the game includes a creative mode, where all 9 children can battle it out together. We can either co-ordinate a group competition or allow the children to set up their own squads to play as they please. Previously our party buses were disc based, the children would always want to view our games folder to see what we have. Now most games are preloaded on the consoles, the children can easily see what games are available. It is therefore very important to let us know what age range of games the children are restricted to play.

In order to have a Fortnite party we need to get our party bus online. The best way to do this is to plug into your broadband router (this provides a stronger signal than Wifi and doesn’t compromise your security as we don’t need to know your password), we bring a 30m cable which is long enough to reach from outside your home where we park to the router in your house. If you don’t have a broadband router or plan to hold your party at a venue without broadband, we do have a plan B solution, our vehicles are equipped with 4G routers. You can check the postcode prior to booking to see if our 4G router has a strong enough signal at this location. If for some reason you have already booked a Fortnite party and we cannot get a strong enough 4G signal, there are still some offline games that can be played on those vehicles.