thornton cleveleys party venue

We are pleased to announce another fantastic location for your children’s party. A lot of parents like the option of hosting their party away from their home, the thought of having 9 to 12 children tearing round their house doesn’t appeal to everyone!!. The iBox has teamed up with over 25 North West family friendly venues, all of which offer kids meals, ample parking and of course the option to drop the children off and have a drink or meal whilst waiting to take their child home.

bay horse pub

The Bay Horse Pub on Station Road, Thornton (FY5 5HY) certainly ticks all the right boxes, Kids meals are from £4.99, these include main with lots of options and choice of a side and veg, choice of dessert and drink.

The iBox is often described as ‘the Best Party ever’, we offer Minecraft, Fifa & Multiplayer parties for children 7 years upwards. Our birthday party entertainment lasts anywhere from 60 mins, 90 mins and 2hrs. Everything is self contained in our fleet of vehicles. We can entertain between 9 – 12 children per vehicle and can double capacity by linking two vehicles together.

One of the most popular questions at the moment is: Do you have Fortnite? The answer is unfortunately no, whilst the game is the latest in-thing for young gamers, there are a few reasons why it doesn’t suit our ‘inclusive group play’. Firstly Fortnite requires the internet to link up. This poses many problems, you could at any point be required to update the game before being able to load the game. This can take up to 30 mins per console, meaning it could take over 4 hours to update when we arrive!! The internet can be slow and laggy and we could not control the language of the 96 online strangers that will be playing with the group. Other negative issues with this game are that only 4 friends can play this game together, our parties allow 9 friends to play against each other at the same time. Also Fortnite is a 30 min knockout battle, so if your son/daughter gets killed in the first minute, then they have to sit there and spectate for the next 30 mins… not great value game play if you’ve booked a 60 min party. Luckily we have alternative low age shooting games that do not feature any of these restrictions.