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Our party entertainment is unrivaled, we run our games as a coordinated competition of lots of rounds and keep the group entertained together. We don’t just let them get on with what they want to play individually (like a gaming lounge), they could play on their console by themselves at any opportunity, playing altogether in the same space at the same time against each other is simply the best birthday party idea out there!!

Our parties come with a choice of prize for the winner. You can also upgrade your prizes so everyone gets one, it could be a party bag (drawstring, shoulder or tablet bag), a specially designed mug or our very popular embroidered snapback caps. We do also give away badges and leaflets. After booking your Xbox Party, our booking confirmation will include party invitations for you to print off, these include age range checkboxes to ensure parents are informed about any age sensitive games you may intend to play at your party.

So what are you waiting for book the best party ever, then either put you feet up, spectate or join in 🙂

Our party entertainment is often described as the ‘best party ever’, our aim is to deliver a memorable fun day for the kids and a stress free and relaxing experience for you. Xbox Birthday parties are the perfect way to entertain the children, the iBox has been putting smiles on faces since 2011, being the first of its kind in Europe. It differs from the US video game lounge as each player has their own HD screen and we coordinate the event as a group competition, leaving you time to relax and put your feet up, spectate or even join in if you like.

So what is the iBox?
The iBox is a self contained video game bus (20′ long) which can be hired out for various lengths of play time either at your home or at a family friendly venue. It’s kitted out with 9 x 27″ HD screens, Xbox’s and seats. This then enables 9 players to compete against each other in their favourite games at the same time, in the same battle, race or team event. You don’t need much imagination to guess that this is creates a lot of fun, and a lot of noise, we wouldn’t want it any other way. We have been established since 2011 and have vehicles already in the North West. We can now travel all over the Yorkshire to your location from our WF6 base covering all areas around Teesside including: Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, Thornaby, Ingleby Barwick, Stainton, Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, Tollesby, Easterside, Nomanby, Berwick Hills, Linthorpe, Acklam, Hartburn, Fairfield, Roseworth, Norton, Billingham & Redcar.

middlesbrough fortnite party

Fortnite Party

Fortnite parties are by far our most popular party at the moment. We can arrange these parties as big battles featuring all 9 consoles, or the kids can team up in squads of 2-4 players. Each player has their own console and a 27″ HD screen which is positioned ergonomically right in front of their noses where they want to see the action and options. Fortnite does need to be hooked up to the internet, preferably by plugging into a broadband router, our party buses do carry a 4G router option if broadband is not available but this will depend on the network strength of 4G in your location. For more information on our fabulous Fortnite party idea.

middlesbrough boys football party

Fifa League Party

Fifa League. This will determine the ultimate Fifa player, our Fifa party is ideal for birthday parties or for a Junior Football team. The league holds a maximum of 11 players. Everybody plays everybody once, and just like the Premier League you score 3pts for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0pts for losing, goal difference counts, and the winner of our iBox league wins a choice of prize. A 9 player league will take 60 mins, an 11 player league will run for 90 mins. Any additional time left over can be used for a choice of multiplayer games. We can tailor your league to be Premier League Derbies or set it up as Internationals. You might of course insist on Middlesbrough F.C.

middlesbrough minecraft parties

Minecraft Party

Minecraft parties are very popular with younger children (ages 7 upwards), it is also a party that suits girls too. We have created a series of challenges to test your little creative builder. Whoever finishes the challenge first scores higher points. There are also building challenges and a creative challenge, these rounds are judged and points awarded. The minecraft party runs for about 45 – 60 mins depending on age and ability, this then allows us to utilise any left over game time on a selection of Multiplayer games. The player with the most points wins a choice of prize.

teesside party ideas

Multiplayer Parties

Multiplayer. The iBox is best suited to Multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Black Ops, Halo, F1, Blur (click here to see all our games). Each game lasts for about 5-10 mins. It’s usually best to run each game for about 30 mins. Points are scored and the winner gets a choice of prize, we also have a Shop if you want to offer more than one prize. Fighting games are very popular with young children, it is not our responsibility to enforce any recommendations as it is entirely up to the parents. Our party invitations include age rated checkboxes so that all parents are given relevant information prior to the party. Please click here to see our info regarding Fortnite – Battle Royale (Fortnight).

teesside wedding entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Our Wedding entertainment is perfect for your day. It will keep large numbers of children entertained with a variety of video games in a separate safe place, leaving you the time and the space to enjoy your special day.

teesside party bags

Prizes & Party Bags

Our parties are run as a competition, a choice of prize is given to the winner. Should the Birthday Boy or Girl miss out on the top spot, extra prizes can be purchased. You can also select any of the prizes as party gifts for your guests.

Kids Parties in the Teesside area

it’s the best party!

I just want to say a huge thank you from myself and Sonnie!!! In his words it was EPIC!! He had a fantastic time and it’s the best party! You were fab with the children and Sonnie said you were really kind!!!

the perfect party for their child!

Absolute must for any parent trying to arrange the perfect party for their child! Dave was brilliant, patient and really interacted with all the kids! Thank you for such a fantastic service!

stress free for parents!

I’ve had a couple of Ibox parties for my sons.. And I would highly recommend! Well organised, excellent service and stress free for parents!

Well worth it & value for money

Thank you to David & Ben for a great party for my 13 yr old son & his friends. They had a great time playing against each other.Well worth it & value for money

This is the best idea ever

My son was over the moon when the van turned up. Dave was fantastic with the kids I loved the atmosphere in the van. I couldn’t of asked for a better party for my son thank you so much xx

Absolutely fantastic

Oliver had his 8th birthday party today .. Him and all his friends loved the minecraft party . Ben is brilliant with the kids . Would highly recommend him ! The van looks pretty cool too !!!


If organising and hosting parties from your home is not your preferred choice, the iBox is offering alternative family venues to help make the whole experience as convenient and stress free as possible. We are increasing the list of venues all the time, so please contact us if there is not one located conveniently to you.

Each venue offers a choice of hot kids meals, drinks and desserts. The venues have been selected as family friendly and would of course welcome parents to stay for the duration of the party. Each venue offers ample parking.

Want to get your Venue on this page??
Please contact Ben on 07966 360 880 or email

Want to get your Venue on this page??
Please contact Ben on 07966 360 880 or email