Young boy attempts to book his own Minecraft Party

A resourceful 7  year old boy ‘Lewis’ enjoyed his friends iBox party so much this recently, that he decided to take matters into his own hands. He visited our website and contacted us via our contact page, inquiring about about a Minecraft party for his birthday in September. We are unclear as to whether he thought this was all it took to book us, but didn’t mention where we needed to come to. We subsequently got back in touch with ‘Lewis’s Dad Martyn and the little lads plans were rumbled.

Fortunately our parties do require slightly more secure information so should keep the youngsters from having it all their way. We require a deposit which gives you peace of mind that your party is booked, so you can just sit back an relax knowing that we will arrive at your location at the time and date agreed.

For more information about booking one of our parties, take a look at our booking enquiry form.