Currently parts of Lancashire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire are experiencing additional lockdown measures. It is our responsibility as a business to keep you informed on how that would impact your current or intended booking with the iBox. If you are not located inside of a local lockdown area then we can host your party as normal by having a group (less than 6) on each of our two socially distanced tables. Our services will now have to close by 10pm each day.

Within the governments local lockdown guidelines (see links below) In reference to social contact restrictions: You ‘must not‘ meet people from outside your household in your home or garden. You are ‘advised‘ that you should not meet people you do not live with in public venues.

Additionally as a business we must take steps to ensure people do not socialise with people they do not live with. Hence we are publishing the rule here.
Fortunately that doesn’t spell an end to our fantastic gaming service within local lockdown areas. We do offer Gaming Tuition Courses. Education & training is exempt from the rule of 6 guidelines, we have a Minecraft workshop, Fortnite Cooperative Learning Course and an Early Years introduction Course for ages 6yrs and above and many other courses besides. Like our party service these courses are fun, engaging and rewarding. Certificates are awarded to our students after each course.

If you would like to change your party booking to a gaming course or would be interested in holding a gaming course please get in touch with us for availability.