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attendance-rewardsThe iBox has seen an increase in bookings during term time from Schools themselves. Head Teachers and Principals are increasingly looking for new ways to encourage better behaviour and/or attendance, with added pressure to ensure their attendance is above the national average. The iBox offers a fantastic solution to encourage and reward pupils to achieve better results.

It will not come as a surprise that Xbox video game entertainment is popular with children of all ages. The iBox is a party bus which contains 9 x HD screens and Xbox game consoles, they all link up to allow everybody to battle and race against each other at the same time. Booking two vehicles doubles the number entertained, it can also allow for team building competitions, a new third vehicle (currently being converted) will allow up to 24 players to play together at the same time. But it’s not all about racing and battling as the iBox also hosts many creative Minecraft challenges and Fifa League competitions.

The iBox staff are List 99 checked, have public liability insurance and can provide a risk assessment. If you think your North West based school could benefit from such a fantastic incentive scheme, please call Ben on 07966 360 880 or use our contact form. The iBox rates can be discounted during term time as demand is quieter whilst the children are at school.

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