lockdown parties Whilst the schools were open we have been offering Gaming Tuition Courses, now that they have closed we had thought we wouldn’t be able to offer our services during this 3rd new lockdown. However after considering the guidelines we have found a fantastic way to carry on providing our service right on your doorstep.

The Government message is very much ‘Stay at home’, this is something that could well go on for the next two months. We can therefore provide entertainment to your household and support bubble. A support bubble is a support network which links two households. With that in mind we can quite easily offer our services to a full iBox Party Bus utilising all consoles and screens.

We have also come up with some cost saving ways of combining our rates for your local community. Normally our Weekday rates for a 90 min session including travel to Manchester (60 mins travel) for example would be £160 for the gaming time and £40 for the travel surcharge, £200 in total. If you team together with friend or neighbours, their are big savings for you. For example, 4 x households could book us for 6 hours, this 90 min rate including travel is just £135 per household!! Or £150 for 2 x households based on a 3hr booking.

We are so pleased that we are still open and able to operate, we understand how disheartening these lockdowns are for children and their families. The iBox is enjoyed by all age groups. Over the years it’s not just Siblings that are eager to have a go, Mum & Dad and Grandparents will all benefit from our gaming fun.

Please check out this Goverment link to see how to form a bubble with another household.