covid-19 safe childrens party

The iBox was the first video game party bus in the UK (2011). Since then there are now many more businesses that have sprung up, a couple copied our unique screen per player format but were forced to abandon our design after a Intellectual Property Judge ruled in our favour. Most other UK video game party businesses have followed the cramped US style party bus which has shared large screens down one side and benches down the other. This format makes it very difficult to keep a social distance from other players. Other vehicles have a face to face or screens positioned near the ceiling (which is literally a pain in the neck!!). The iBox is leading the way in providing its customers a safe personalised space for each player. Please also look at some of our other measures below which will provide a lot of reassurance for not only yourself but for all other parents.

Covid-19 may well be with us for the next year or so, the iBox has come up with a solution to try and get back to a ‘new normal‘. Our Safeguards have already provided assurance to parents and children for our initial parties.

New Safeguard measures as of July 4th 2020 (subject to changes of Government guidelines):
• All surfaces, handles, screens & controllers disinfected before each party.
• Temperature checks before entry. Anyone with a high temperature over 38˚ will not be able to participate in the iBox.
• Hand washing on entry and exit of the iBox.
• We recommend everyone wear a Face covering.
• Perspex Booths installed between each screen.
• We will keep the iBox well ventilated.
• The iBox will only allow one person per screen/console for the duration of the party.
• We will not be able to run our Fifa league competition (which requires two children per screen and children moving about in the vehicle) Children will still be able to play Fifa.
• We await to hear details of whether we can still operate from the family venues we have teamed up with, if your party is booked at a family venue then an alternative location will most likely be required.

Other recommendations to make your party as safe as possible:
Most children’s parties last 2 hours from drop off to pickup. Where budget allows, opting for a 2 hour party will allow you to keep all children in their protected space for the duration. Leaving your home a child free zone (some parents like that). On arrival they can go inside the iBox, you could bring food onboard at any point during that time (it could be sandwiches, pizza on paper plates or Happy meals for example). We do insist that the children don’t play and eat at the same time but as you can imagine they only spend 5-10 mins eating as they’re keen to get back on with the games. One bin liner is usually all it takes to clear everything away. Once the 2 hrs is up they get collected and you will have just experienced and hosted the most stress free party!!

We hope we have taken enough steps to assure you, please feel free to ‘share’ the slideshow below to other parents, as it will hopefully provide assurance to them. Please visit our Rates & Bookings page to contact us about your party.


With the Govt announcing the Covid-19 alert level is down from 4 to 3, the iBox is taking bookings from July 4th onwards, please see our many safety measures.

Posted by TheiBox on Friday, 19 June 2020