fun school activities day ideas

This year has been our busiest for school rewards and end of year fun activities, just as well we have another new vehicle available. Every school has different needs, budgets and pupil numbers. Some want to provide an incentive to increase attendance figures, others look to reward those that behave the best. Whatever the reason, the result is the same. Boys and girls both thoroughly enjoy the group entertainment as everybody competes against each other at the same time. We can even link vehicles together to allow for larger group play or tactical team battles.

We can accommodate a large number of pupils either by making multiple vehicles available or by rotating numbers through timed sessions. Each vehicle allows 9 players at any one time, we can have up to 12 in the vehicle per session and will rotate fairly every 5 minutes.

We now have four vehicles available, but in order to secure a booking for the year ahead we recommend booking well in advance.

If you would like to discuss further please contact Ben on 07966 360880 or email us.