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A small percentage of parents are brave (or mad) enough to organise a Sleepover party for their children and friends. The iBox has been providing children’s parties for six years and we have noticed bookings for sleepover parties gradually increase over those years. One of the common queries is ‘how late can you come?’ Let us assure you that our bedtimes are later than your sons or daughters so we will do welcome parties as late as you want. One added advantage of our Xbox parties are that a lot of noise and energy can be exhausted in the backs of our party buses and not in your home, giving you a well earned break and leaving you to put your feet up whilst we host the chaotic fun.

Our birthday parties are arranged as a Minecraft Party, A Fifa League or Multiplayer Competition (typically racing & shooting games), if you decide to book us for longer we can mix and match those different party types, We also award a choice of prize for the winner and have lots of stylish products we offer as bundles that can be given to the invited kids as party bags, caps or mugs .

Our party bus is quite unique as it organises the games into competitions, the original US concept developed ‘game lounges’ which offered a ‘free-for-all approach’ individual choice of game and console and typically had just a handful of large screens (typically 40″ plus) which the children played in lots of smaller groups as the consoles don’t link with each other and games are played on lower resolution split screen. The iBox set about a completely different concept as it provides one console and HD screen per player so that the group of children play together within the same games, far more sociable and fun. Our HD screens are 24″ but because the children are sat at close proximity to the screen they get a completely immersive experience of the action, they are also positioned at a comfortable eye level height as opposed to one amusing example we have seen recently which will no doubt lead to sore necks and frustrated children as the screens are ridiculously far away.

Another concern for parents when hiring entertainment is will they turn up? The prospect of anticipating a large group of children in your home without entertainment fills most parents with utter derad. The iBox has been asked several times recently if we can cover for other companies that have let them down at the last minute. There is nothing worse than the thought of organising a children’s party and to find out with very little notice that their only vehicle has broken down or they have gone out of business and are not answering their phone. The iBox has no such concerns, we have very recently just completed our 3rd vehicle which will only be used occasionally for busier periods but can be on standby for any sudden mechanical issues.

To organise your sleepover party use our availability form or contact Ben on 07966 360880.

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